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"Commit History" is the feature I am calling review requests with multiple commits (because the latter is a mouthful). This pad tracks the development of this feature and the design
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This covers some of my notes regarding the sever-side implementation for file attachments associated with binary files in the diff viewer.
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The trophy case feature consists of these parts:
1680 days ago
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  • Problems
Here is a list of problems that may encounter during the implementation. My thoughts on these topic is in the next section. 
  • In which layer should the markdown enable/disable been controlled
  • System wide
  • User preferences
  • Each post setting
  • Typically I'm not a fan of having a ton of options, especially on behavior that we want people to be able to expect. So I'd say, for now at least, no options. There's just markdown.
  • Range of application
  • How to treat the old post's format, i.e.,
  • If user enable markdown, should the old post by this user all turns into markdown format? 

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