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1204 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Mike Conley 1204 days ago
From Peter
-Whenever I asked for help I always got it. So awesome!
-Code review helped me learn RB's style standards
-I  really liked how you toggled between m_conley and m_conley_away on IRC.  It made me feel less intimidated to ask you a question. 
1455 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Christian Hammond 1455 days ago
  • endee
  • Generally positive!
  • some initial trouble getting the vagrant stuff set up with VMware - probably due to the purchasing / license thing for the plugin
  • Getting the proper version of VMware may have also been a challenge
  • Had no opinion on the subject of bringing more donuts
  • [mconley] I'd like to express a desire for more donuts.
  • elaineM
  • edwlee
  • Wished he'd had more time to review code - maybe get students to review each other earlier.
  • Maybe a team code review during the sprint?

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