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Students working on UCOSP or Open Academy are encouraged to have a presence in IRC 24/7, in order to be able to ask us questions, see our (possibly delayed) answers to other questions, and to generally see all other discussions taking place.
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Yes this is a long document. Yes, you should read it through - perhaps multiple times.
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You can also look at our bugs marked ExtensionIdea or Enhancement for more ideas.
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This page serves as a starting point for any tips & tricks that students encounter while working on Review Board. Feel free to create any pages with your tips and just link to them from here.

488 days ago
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  • Basic Webhooks to introduce
  • Talk with mentors
  • config.json
  • Defines the server - webhooks, repos, user, etc
  • New config keys:
  • "webhooks" - list
  • Each webhook is a dictionary
  • "id": int
  • "enabled": boolean
  • "url": string
611 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Peter Smith 611 days ago
So there's a banner called draftReviewBanner. It's a singleton, it looks like this. It appears only when you have a pending review. Here it is below:
Let's say we'd like to put a file index there! This means that this banner now has two jobs.
611 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Minh 611 days ago
  • Description: Allow client to use OAuth2 for webapi resources
  • Rational: Allow 3rd party services to integrate with ReviewBoard via popular OAuth2 protocol
  • Background:
Where the admin console for OAuth with be ?
623 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Israel M. 623 days ago
  • Project Description
See the Sonar project page for a detailed description. Basically Review Board has always had the ability for Extensions (or even the core) to add additional fields to a review request, for example for a company to track internal metadata. Unfortunately, these fields have always been limited to text or markdown. This project will be adding support for other field types like checkboxes, date selectors, dropdowns, and even custom fields defined by an ExtensionHook.
659 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by samchurney 659 days ago
  • Description: Allow per-file diffs to be embedded into external websites
  • Rational: Diffs are currently only viewable on Review Board. Embeddable per-file diffs would allow users to share them more easily.
  • Background: 
689 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Adriano Arce 689 days ago
  • Overview
This is an architectural change for Review Board 2.6 that affects extensions. Currently, there are some default review request actions (like "Close -> Submitted" or "Download Diff" or "Ship It!") that have been hardcoded into the template. Extensions can provide custom actions by passing dictionaries into a variety of `ActionHooks`.
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Yes this is a long document. Yes, you should read it through - perhaps multiple times.

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