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We're not going to switch over to Django's migrations. The plan of record is to support using migrations for third-party Django model schema updates, but use django-evolution for everything RB-based.
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rbt land has two main goals:
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This document contains a checklist for all the tests needed for the new Optional Markdown support.
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  • Models:
  • Tool - Metadata, and what options a tool takes
  • Profile - A set of values for the options a tool takes. (Many profiles per tool) Also, who can run it manually (Owner? Manual Group?)
  • ProfileExecution - Information about a running tool. Keyed on Profile, and Diff revision. Includes status, and results if finished.
  • The results of the review should be stored as a JSON blob in this (instead of only stored by actually creating the review). This will allow us to do cool stuff like squashing multiple tools into one review, and post-processing review results to remove previously dropped issues.
  • AutomaticRunGroup - A set of profiles, and the rules for when they will be run automatically
  • These automatic run groups should take the same form as "Default Reviewers" in RB (allow specifying a file regex to match, along with repositories to match on)
  • ManualPermission - A set of users who may run tools Manually
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