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Week of Docs is a periodic week-long documentation sprint, where we focus on improving the documentation of Review Board, RBTools, Djblets, and anything else related to the project. Our goal for Week of Docs is to end the week with better docs than we started.
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Thoughts and ideas about helping users with tracking reviews they're wanting to get to.
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  • How things work today
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This doc serves as a repository of knowledge for hard-to-diagnose/confusing issues, deprecation lists, useful links, and porting notes found when porting an application to Django 1.8.
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Review Board supports working with repositories across a variety of hosting services through a set of modules that know how to both represent and talk to that service. In order for this to work, we often need a set of APIs on the hosting service that we can use to make certain requests. This document will serve as a guide for those requirements.

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